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viernes, julio 08, 2005

Wounded soldier

A spanish soldier destined to Iraq receives a letter from his girlfriend in Madrid. The letter said the following:

Dear Alberto:
I cannot continue with this relationship. The distance that separates us is too great. I must admit I have been unfaithful to you twice since you left and I think that neither you nor me deserve this, I'm sorry.
Please, return the picture I sent you of me.
With love,

The soldier, heartbroken, asked all his buddies to give him pictures of their girlfriends, sisters, wives, aunts, cousins, etc.
Among the picutre of María, he included all the other pictures his friends had given him.
There were 57 pictures in the envelope, and a note that said:

Dear María,

I'm very sorry, but I cannot remember who the fuck you are. Please find your picture in the pile and send me the rest back

CONCLUSION: Even if you are defeated, you must know how to SCREW the enemy