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viernes, julio 01, 2005


If you notice on the front page of Apple, the iPod is no longer greyscale. now you are obliged to get the Photo version, although Apple is marketing a 20GB version for a reasonably fair price, as well as the 60GB one. News have it that Apple is planning to release a 2GB and 4GB iPod shuffle versions, thus rendering the current iPod mini obsolete, but it will be expanded to at least an 8GB version.

What do you think about the iPod? Is it the greatest gadget ever? Or is it the biggest 'armed' robbery the world has experienced to date? I personally have a 3G iPod (which is getting very old next to the new colour screen ones), and I like it myself, although it could use a lot more features, especially taking into account the price I paid for it. The guys at iPod Linux have programmed a VIDEO player! For the greyscale iPods even! This is what I mean by a lack of features. I don't need a video player on my greyscale iPod, but i could use things like voice recording (which iPod Linux can do, by the way, the left headphone actually being the mike :S) or FM tuner, and I certainly don't feel like dispensing €30 just for a microphone for my iPod.

Anyway, what do you think?


  • I am getting an ipod mini for my birthday tomorrow. I am very excited about it...especially with the new programs available through podcasting.

    I checked out the link for ipod linux and I am planning to try it out for voice recording. Thanks!

    By Blogger niltiac, at 3:36 p. m.  

  • Hey.
    Congrats on your ipod mini. I think it might work with ipod linux, im not sure. Anyhow, iPod linux, even being a very experimental version (and the music playback sucks big time), it can reside side to side with the original Apple software, and voice recordings that you take with iPod Linux appear in the Apple software! Have fun

    By Blogger Adri, at 10:35 a. m.  

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