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viernes, julio 15, 2005

Angela Aparicio

Angela Aparicio, a war reporter for Spanish national television TVE appeared yesterday evening on the Paramount Comedy channel, where she had an interesting interview. This reporter has been treated very unjustly by the Aznar administration, which controlled the company she worked for.

However, I felt no pity after hearing her comments from the time she spent in Sarajevo. She spoke of several strange anecdotes and the such, but then she spoke of an interview she conducted with a Serb further away from Sarajevo. With a very stupid face she retold how she walked up to the serb CO, who was gigantic, and not knowing a word of serb, she asked :'Situacija?'. The serb then said what he had to say, all of this with Angela nodding stupidly. What enfuriates me most is that the translation was left to a muslim bosnian! To translate what one of the opposing factions had to say to Western Europe, TVE had no better idea than to choose an opposing faction to translate to the world! All of this, naturally, with no-one else knowing the language, so the muslim was free to invent what he wished. The 'translation' went as follows: "You journalists are the cause of every trouble we have. I'm going to kill you." These were taken to be the words of a serb CO outside Sarajevo. Talk about manipulation of information, when not even Western intelligence services could get as close as Angela to the area.

I find it sickening that in an apparently free-speech society we have today, manipulation is so easily conducted by such an insignificant factor, and then the world reacts to what is fed to them. This anecdote was told by her as if it were funny, for she thought the muslim translator gave her the correct translation (which in light of the situation at the time, he obviously didn't - nor would anyone in his place). I just find it shocking that a news report that the viewers take as objective can be so easily manipulated. These sort of events and media manipulation led to anti-serb sensations, especially one that has struck me deep when I was 9: a ten year old girl in my class saying that the serbs were evil.

If these sensations are the ones the West wants to avoid (racism, xenophobia, etc.), then what is the media doing feeding us rubbish just like Angela willingly confessed on Paramount Comedy?