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domingo, julio 24, 2005

Albanian terrorists

In a recent Bloomberg article, a journalist followed an Albanian from the Kosovo 'Liberation' Army in the States. The journalist recounted, in all horror how the Albanian terrorist bought a high-end sniper rifle in a gun shop in Kansas City. The only proof that the shop keeper needed of the Albanian's intentions was for the terrorist to tell him that the gun was for shooting elephants. The finest human killer on this planet, and the shop keeper sells it to an Albanian terrorist of all people who wants to 'shoot elephants'.
The next bit was even scarier. The Albanian took the gun onto a PLANE, after having received APPROVAL from the authorities (having told them that he wasn't carrying any ammo), and he simply hitched a flight to Kosovo 'to kill Serbs'. He also said that an army of terrorists were hiding in the States ready to jump onto a plane into battle when needed, almost certainly business class. This kind of thing makes me wonder: What the FUCK is going on? WHY isn't anyone doing anything? Hello, this is a TERRORIST with a GUN on a PLANE. Anyway, when in today's world, ANY given muslim could be a suicide bomber (I feel sorry for innocent muslims, but islamic fundamentalists have built such a name for their religion) and they let a muslim ALBANIAN on a plane with a bleeding GUN with only one purpose: to KILL people!
Then the serbs are accused of 'murdering and slaughtering' Albanians. The terrorist himself clearly stated: 'We would like to slaughter all the Serbs. I wouldn't be surprised if they felt the same way. I wouldn't care.'