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domingo, julio 24, 2005

Albanian terrorists

In a recent Bloomberg article, a journalist followed an Albanian from the Kosovo 'Liberation' Army in the States. The journalist recounted, in all horror how the Albanian terrorist bought a high-end sniper rifle in a gun shop in Kansas City. The only proof that the shop keeper needed of the Albanian's intentions was for the terrorist to tell him that the gun was for shooting elephants. The finest human killer on this planet, and the shop keeper sells it to an Albanian terrorist of all people who wants to 'shoot elephants'.
The next bit was even scarier. The Albanian took the gun onto a PLANE, after having received APPROVAL from the authorities (having told them that he wasn't carrying any ammo), and he simply hitched a flight to Kosovo 'to kill Serbs'. He also said that an army of terrorists were hiding in the States ready to jump onto a plane into battle when needed, almost certainly business class. This kind of thing makes me wonder: What the FUCK is going on? WHY isn't anyone doing anything? Hello, this is a TERRORIST with a GUN on a PLANE. Anyway, when in today's world, ANY given muslim could be a suicide bomber (I feel sorry for innocent muslims, but islamic fundamentalists have built such a name for their religion) and they let a muslim ALBANIAN on a plane with a bleeding GUN with only one purpose: to KILL people!
Then the serbs are accused of 'murdering and slaughtering' Albanians. The terrorist himself clearly stated: 'We would like to slaughter all the Serbs. I wouldn't be surprised if they felt the same way. I wouldn't care.'

martes, julio 19, 2005


eltow3r blog will probably be closed for the vacations. If i can find i way to post using my ngage qd, then i will do so, but otherwise, have a great summer vacation, and ill be back in september for many more posts of controversial debate!

viernes, julio 15, 2005

Angela Aparicio

Angela Aparicio, a war reporter for Spanish national television TVE appeared yesterday evening on the Paramount Comedy channel, where she had an interesting interview. This reporter has been treated very unjustly by the Aznar administration, which controlled the company she worked for.

However, I felt no pity after hearing her comments from the time she spent in Sarajevo. She spoke of several strange anecdotes and the such, but then she spoke of an interview she conducted with a Serb further away from Sarajevo. With a very stupid face she retold how she walked up to the serb CO, who was gigantic, and not knowing a word of serb, she asked :'Situacija?'. The serb then said what he had to say, all of this with Angela nodding stupidly. What enfuriates me most is that the translation was left to a muslim bosnian! To translate what one of the opposing factions had to say to Western Europe, TVE had no better idea than to choose an opposing faction to translate to the world! All of this, naturally, with no-one else knowing the language, so the muslim was free to invent what he wished. The 'translation' went as follows: "You journalists are the cause of every trouble we have. I'm going to kill you." These were taken to be the words of a serb CO outside Sarajevo. Talk about manipulation of information, when not even Western intelligence services could get as close as Angela to the area.

I find it sickening that in an apparently free-speech society we have today, manipulation is so easily conducted by such an insignificant factor, and then the world reacts to what is fed to them. This anecdote was told by her as if it were funny, for she thought the muslim translator gave her the correct translation (which in light of the situation at the time, he obviously didn't - nor would anyone in his place). I just find it shocking that a news report that the viewers take as objective can be so easily manipulated. These sort of events and media manipulation led to anti-serb sensations, especially one that has struck me deep when I was 9: a ten year old girl in my class saying that the serbs were evil.

If these sensations are the ones the West wants to avoid (racism, xenophobia, etc.), then what is the media doing feeding us rubbish just like Angela willingly confessed on Paramount Comedy?


I finally finished my podcast and it sounds great! I'm trying to upload it to a hosting service, but the router from timofónica is giving me some serious bullshit. As soon as I can get it up there, I'll update my RSS feed, and hopefully the podcast will be available from iTunes, among other services.

jueves, julio 14, 2005

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones have quickly become an indispensable tool in the life of many. From being large, clunky bricks five years ago, mobile phones have evolved to become sophisticated machines with cameras and agendas, that can interact with your computer, or even gaming consoles.
Yesterday, I bought a Nokia N-Gage, not because it was a game console (I still don't have a game), but because it is a phone packed with features for 'only' €150.
But are all these features necessry? Are you happy with a phone such as the Vodaphone Simply? Or do you need a camera?

Feel free to comment.

lunes, julio 11, 2005


Bring justice to the situation today. Sign this petition now, and bring justice to the war criminals and genocides of this century and the 20th century.



Podcasting is the latest rage on the internet. It consists of amateurs with something (or as podcaster Adam Curry puts it) or nothing to say. Instead of being broadcasted live, a podcast show is taped and compressed into (usually) mp3 format. This is then published with the latest RSS technology, and readers such as iPodder or, more recently iTunes, can subscribe to these feeds and download the latest podcasts to listen later on!

eltow3r blog is preparing a podcast, coordinated with Sachatamia group. A forum of debate turned podcast, and other news and general talk will be the characteristics of said podcast, soon available from this blog and from your favourite podcast agent. The - indefinite - countdown begins!

sábado, julio 09, 2005


I went to Gibraltar on Thursday, mainly to see what all the fuss was about. Gibraltar has been British for over 300 years, and it is still legally British according to the peace treaties signed in the 18th century, especially the Utrecht treaty. Spain claims this rock, in a sense justifiably, for it is part of the Iberian peninsula, it is obsolete as a strategic point, and its existence is not quite that logical.
What seems most remarkable is the inability of Gibraltar to fit absolutely anywhere. It definately feels like being in Britain, as Union Jacks wave all over the place, there are red telephone booths and 40% of the population are British. However, in Gibraltar, 30% of the population are of Spanish descendance, most of the people speak Spanish with a malagueño accent, the cars drive on the right (correct?) side of the road, and the climate is all too evidently mediterranean. However, 30% of the population are from elsewhere (with 2500 muslims, 400 indians, etc. as well as 30% of the population being descended from italians, maltese, french, etc.). Also, the architecture is very strangely mediterranean in the sense that one can find an eminently sicilian style building with maltese balcony decoration, just below the rock where there is a mosque and a foenician dam. Finally, the presence of monkeys on the Rock seems to be the cherry on top, as these monkeys are also immigrants (they came from the atlas mountains in morocco, brought in by the british).
Give your opinion, tell us what you think should be the fate of Gibraltar. Pictures shall appear as soon as this rubbish router from timofónica stops bullshitting my mac (get hopeful)

viernes, julio 08, 2005


Un político va a hacer campaña en un pueblo de campo y comienza su discurso:
¡Compatriotas, compaéros, amigos! Nos encontramos aquí convocados, reunidos o arrejuntados para debatir, tratar o discutir un tópico, tema o asunto que es transcendente, importante o de vida o muerte. El tópico, tema o asunto que hoy nos convoca, reúne o arrejunta, es el postulado aspiración o candidatura a la Alcaldía de este municipio...

En esto estaba, cuando de pronto una persona del público pide la palabra y le pregunta al candidato:
Oiga, ¿y por qué utiliza usted tres palabras para decir lo mismo?

Ah, -contesta el candidato-, pues mire: la primera palabra es para gente con un nivel cultural muy alto como poetas, escritores, filósofos, etc. La segunda es para personas con un nivel cultural medio, como usted y yo y la mayoría de los que estamos aquí hoy. Y la tercera palabra es para las personas que tienen un nivel cultural bajo, ya por los suelos, como, por ejemplo, aquel infeliz borracho que está ahí en la esquina.

De inmediato, el borrachito, ni corto ni perezoso, se levanta y contesta:
Postulante, aspirante o candidato (hic). El hecho, razón o circumstancia de que me encuentre en un estado etílico, borracho o peor (hic), no implica, significa o justifica que mi nivel cultural sea bajo, ínfimo o paupérrimo (hic). Y con todo el respeto, estima, o cariño que usted me merece (hic), puede ir recopilando, reuniendo o arrejuntando (hic) sus bártulos, tilches o cachivaches y encaminarse, dirigirse o largarse a perjudicar, fregar o joder a su progenitora, mentora o puta madre.

Wounded soldier

A spanish soldier destined to Iraq receives a letter from his girlfriend in Madrid. The letter said the following:

Dear Alberto:
I cannot continue with this relationship. The distance that separates us is too great. I must admit I have been unfaithful to you twice since you left and I think that neither you nor me deserve this, I'm sorry.
Please, return the picture I sent you of me.
With love,

The soldier, heartbroken, asked all his buddies to give him pictures of their girlfriends, sisters, wives, aunts, cousins, etc.
Among the picutre of María, he included all the other pictures his friends had given him.
There were 57 pictures in the envelope, and a note that said:

Dear María,

I'm very sorry, but I cannot remember who the fuck you are. Please find your picture in the pile and send me the rest back

CONCLUSION: Even if you are defeated, you must know how to SCREW the enemy

Soldado Herido

Un soldado español destinado en Irak recibe una carta de su novia desde Madrid.
La carta decía lo siguiente:

Querido Alberto:

Ya no puedo continuar con esta relación. La distancia que nos separa es demasiado grande. Tengo que admitir que te he sido infiel dos veces desde que te fuiste y creo que ni tu ni yo nos merecemos esto, lo siento.
Por favor, devuélveme la foto que te envié.
Con amor,

El soldado, muy herido, le pidió a todos sus compañeros que le regalaran fotos de sus novias, hermanas, amigas, primas, tías, etc.
Junto con la foto de María incluyó todas esas otras fotos que había recolectado de sus amigos.
Había 57 fotos en el sobre y una nota que decía:
"Querida María:
Perdóname, pero no puedo recordar quien coño eres. Por favor busca tu foto en el paquete y me devuelves el resto."

MORALEJA: Aún derrotado, hay que saber JODER al enemigo

Anuncio insuperable

A ver que piensan de este anuncio:

To everyone who uses our competitor's products:

Happy Father's Day



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There is much to be said on the subject of fetuses. What i have been taught in my biology lesson is that the baby is born as soon as it leaves the womb, not as soon as the ovum is fertilised. In fact, a birth certificate certifies the coming to life of a new citizen. A birth certificate is not issued to a fetus. How old would he be anyway? Plus, with miscarriages, we would eventually find such statistics as minus infant mortality rate, etc. Totally ridiculous. In any case, I firmly support the right of choice of the woman, for until the baby leaves her womb, it is still legally a part of her own body. Nobody has the right to dictate what you should or should not do with something as basic as your own 'real estate' (i.e. your body).
Bush is pushing to give fetuses health insurance. This was the only thing I was capable of reading from a list of other issues Bush had with fetuses. I honestly thought it was something like a Conan O'Brien show or something, until a CNN anchor man came back on screen. It is derisive, but whatever, help yourself to comment space.


The olymipcs are to be held in London. I had been a supporter of the Madrid 2012 movement since its conception because of its original concept, and because of the logic to hosting the olympics there. Once I saw that Madrid had been eliminated, i sat in front of the tv hoping that London would get it, because it will be more comfortabe for me then! What do you think? Also, in light of the tragic, cowardly attacks on London, how does your perception of the London olympics change?

viernes, julio 01, 2005


If you notice on the front page of Apple, the iPod is no longer greyscale. now you are obliged to get the Photo version, although Apple is marketing a 20GB version for a reasonably fair price, as well as the 60GB one. News have it that Apple is planning to release a 2GB and 4GB iPod shuffle versions, thus rendering the current iPod mini obsolete, but it will be expanded to at least an 8GB version.

What do you think about the iPod? Is it the greatest gadget ever? Or is it the biggest 'armed' robbery the world has experienced to date? I personally have a 3G iPod (which is getting very old next to the new colour screen ones), and I like it myself, although it could use a lot more features, especially taking into account the price I paid for it. The guys at iPod Linux have programmed a VIDEO player! For the greyscale iPods even! This is what I mean by a lack of features. I don't need a video player on my greyscale iPod, but i could use things like voice recording (which iPod Linux can do, by the way, the left headphone actually being the mike :S) or FM tuner, and I certainly don't feel like dispensing €30 just for a microphone for my iPod.

Anyway, what do you think?

Holocaust of Serbs

This may seem like a crude start to my blog, but one has to begin somewhere.
Jews have been shamefully persecuted for too long. However, it is easy to forget other oppressed peoples, and other ethnic cleansing activities that ocurr even today. Although the suffering of the Serbs was lengthy under the Turksm we Serbs as a people have never experienced such disgraceful slaughter that has to date not been internationally condemned nor homage has been payed to it (as has happened for the 60th anniversaries of the liberations of Nazi concentration camps).
During the Second World War, the Croatian, Hitler-backed fascist regime was installed in Yugoslavia. The Ustasi regime was run by ultra nationalist Croatian fascists. These set up concentration camps in Croatia, such as Jasenovac (where 200,000 Serbs alone were murdered), and in total, during the Second World War, over 800,000 Serbs were brutally murdered, alongside Gypsies and Jews. It is abhorrable that to date, these acts of brutal repression have not been condemned and acknowledged. The holocaust initiated by the German fascist regime has been openly condemned world wide, and in the 60th anniversary of the horrific events, world leaders have united to conmemorate the dead. This has not happened in Serbia to date.
During the 1992 breakup of Yugoslavia and the war that ensued, the Serbs were publicly displayed as mass murderers in Western media. This is only due to one thing. The fear of the East. Even with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Western Europe has not relaxed its watch on its eastern borders. How else can one explain that Russia has not yet joined the obsolete organisation NATO? How else can one explain the rejoice of the West in helping to dismantle the network of Russian allied countries? How else can one explain the rejoice in Western Europe to the expansion of the EU to the borders of Russia, and no apparent move being made to invite this noble country to said organisation?
This fear of the East has led the British press agencies to censor out absolutely any indication that Serbs were being massacred during the Balkan War. 300,000 Serbs were kicked out of their homeland by Croatian fascists (that still exist, and have not been banned, unlike their Nazi counterparts in Germany), and many more murdered brutally elsewhere throughout sovereign Yugoslav territory. This has not been condemned. The battle of Srebrenica has been openly condemned by the International Community as an act of Serb aggression. Newspaper articles all over the world have openly condemned 'serb agression', but there are a number of questions yet to be answered in many articles. For example, what official document proves that 8000 muslims were murdered in Srebrenica (on the 20th of december of 2003, Miguel Ángel Villena felt more nihilistic than usual and wrote in Spanish newspaper 'El País' that 11,000 had been killed)? Why is it that among the dead there were no bosnian officials? Where were they that day? Why did serbs kill women and children, and not fight off the bosnian officials? Why is Naser Oric, chief of the Bosnian muslim troops in Srebrenica at the time held in the International War Tribunal of The Hague, and what is he accused of? Why did serbs then assasinate the prisoners in Srebrenica and not in Zepa, another safe area taken over, them being so barbarian and crude? Why does the muslim government of Bosnia still refuse to conduct population cencuses, as required by the EU? What did Miss Ogata say about the treatment of prisoners by serb troops? Have any serbs fallen in or near Srebrenica? Which troops have actualy performed 'scorched earth' annihilation tactics in over 100 nearby serb villages and towns? Could there have been weapons caches in the potected areas? Who has muffled the reports of the presence of armed muslim troops in protected zones, as well as their munitions factories and dynamite in protected zones, and who has actually risen to denounce this before? What did the 'realistic' Butros Gali say to the Security Council of the UN the 30th of may 1995 about these security zones? Did Bin Laden have a BOSNIAN passport?
Krajina, in Croatia was (and still is) an area of a mainly Serb population. In 1995, like Srebrenica, it was a UN protected, ’safe’ area. During the armed conflict, the Croatian Army, under the command of General Ante Gotovina (convicted of crimes against humanity by the International War Tribunal in The Hague) overran this ’safe’ zone, and 300,000 Serbs were forced to flee what had been their homeland for centuries.
It also seems violently hypocritical that Ante Gotovina is persecuted by The Hague (and the Croatian government still won’t hand him over), when in 1992 (yes, only 10 years ago!), American contractors, encouraged by the Clinton administration, funded the Croatian Army, which then used its newly found American equipment to massacre Serbs in Krajina.
None of this every reached the media in the West. Try running a Google search for ’srebrenica’ and ‘krajina’. Notice the British censorship in the sense that not one of the one and a half million results for ‘krajina’ are British news agencies, while ’srebrenica’ gets a BBC News hit in the first page of results. It seems convenient for the West to pollute the information, making the Eastern-leaning Serbs look like the villains, and protect the Catholic, fascist, West leaning factions in Croatia, despite the apparent ‘democratic’ appeal the West seems to have.
Finally, the more recent conflict in Kosovo is almost like the final straw. Kosovo is literally the birthplace of Serbia. Since their arrival from the Caucasus, the people of Serbia built their civilisation from scratch in this area.
During the Balkan Wars, taking advantage of the fact that the borders were left weak and unguarded, hundreds of thousands of Albanians crossed illegaly into the country over the years (and they still do, for Kosovo is still Serbia, as dictated by the UN), backed by their ultra-leftists government. Once in Kosovo, violence against Serbs commenced. As is logical, and as any self-respecting country would do, the Serbian Army was sent in to cease violence.
Taking advantage of an opportunity to demote the influence of the East in gobal affairs, the Serbs were accused of massacring Albanians in Kosovo. There has never been a bigger lie. For example, during the 1999 bombings of Serbia, NATO planes flew over the town of Pusto Selo, one eening, and the next they had found 'mass graves' of 'murdered albanians'. If one is to examine the actual pictures taken:

Not only is this image very easily modifiable with easily available programs such as Photoshop (so one can imagine the powerful image editing equipment that an institution such as the NATO counts with), but one also sees that the NATO then tries to make us beleive that a small serb platoon of soldiers armed with old kalashnikovs massacred an entire town of Albanians, dug mass graves for them, buried them (carefully leaving the graves in full view of the bombers), and built a HOUSE overnight! The riduculousness of the situation is comical, despite the serious situation which Serbia is involved in, and the profound racism that Western governments feel towards Russia and her other eastern allies.
If you read the occasionaly news report in the West (naturally, never on the front page), you will see that Albanian militia (yes, organised militia, sponsored by the Albanian government, waving Albanian flags) murders Serb children, destroys Serb monasteries and churches, even the ones allegedly protected by the UNESCO (how interesting).
So, before Russian troops could enter the area to keep peace and to stop Albanians from continuing their mass murders (gasp, could you even imagine that? Russian troops marching across the Balkans? tremble…), the NATO organised it first EVER military manouver and ruthlessly bombed civilian Serb infrastructures ELSEWHERE in the country. All over Serbia, bridges were destroyed, power plants were bombed, houses were blown up. 3000 innocent Serbs died in this massacre, and they still are dying because of depleted uranium shells the NATO used (curiously enough, the Serb ‘barbarians’ downed five US ’stealth’ pilots, and returned them dutifully. When interrogated by their own authorities, the pilots said that they had never been treated better while incarcerated).
General McEnzie, who conducted the campaign, recently admitted to the world: “We made a mistake bombing the Serbs”, in light of new atrocities commited by the Albanian population in Kosovo. Naturally, it would be outrageous for the West to realise this, so it has been kept as quiet as possible. Also, French soldiers recently were outraged at their impotency to do anything about the situation, for they had clear orders to protect the Albanian population. When seeing that it was in fact the Albanian population that was massacring the UN-oppressed Serb population, and the refusal of their Commanding Officers to do anything about it led the French UNMIK soldiers to say something, to which nothing has evidently been done.
I find situations such as these despicable, especially when we are meant to be in countries and a sphere of influence of countries that promote democracy, free speech, transparency of government, etc. I sicken at the lies that are fed to us, and I cannot help to be remind myself of the quote by Winston Churchill: "History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it". In the sphere of Western cultures, the history that is fed to us is the one that our leaders want us to see and read. It is unconcievable that one should so easily fall into the trap of taking a set up and a lie as true history, especially being in a democracy of free speech, where allegedly, we are fed both sides of an argument, but in reality, the common perception is united. I sicken at the thought of what countries such as the USA have done to my country only to reduce Russian influence in the area. Serbia and Russia are democracies now, and as it is, they are more democratic than the self proclaimed 'champion campaigner' of democracy, USA. What we need is for people to open their eyes and awake from the somniferous sleepwalk we have been led into by the alleged champions of free speech in Western society.


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